Whatever Happened To… The Bee Gees?

Browse & purchase this albumNights on Broadway – The Bee Gees (1975)
It’s difficult to pick ONE Bee Gees song – they have *so* many – but this track is my favorite. It showcases not only their tight vocal harmonies and soulful bass rhythms but is also the first song to showcase Barry Gibb’s falsetto (which would later define their music of the Disco Era). Following their initial popularity in the late 60’s/early 70’s and then their domination of the airwaves, charts, and dance floors from 1977-79, the Bee Gees (as a performing group) laid relatively low. Barry worked with Barbra Streisand to write and produce her most successful album in 1980. His group-mates (and brothers) Robin & Maurice Gibb joined him to write and produce hits for others during the 80’s – namely, Dionne Warwick, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, and Diana Ross. They returned to fine form (in performance) when they launched the “One Night Only” concerts in the late 90’s. Maurice died in 2003, but the surviving brothers continue to work on independent side-projects while making occasional appearances together. It’s been reported that Steven Spielberg is in talks about making a biopic of their family’s storied past.

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