Whatever Happened To… Donnie Iris?

Browse & purchase this albumAh! Leah! – Donnie Iris (1980)
An album-oriented rock (AOR) classic from my junior high days. An excellent example of how the guitar-fueled 70’s were transitioning to the synthesizers and videos favored in the 80’s. Donnie Iris (born Dominic Ierace) had found prior fame working with groups like The Jaggerz & Wild Cherry, and this track’s album was his solo debut. While none of his subsequent albums – which included naming credit for his back-up band, The Cruisers – matched this album’s success, he continued to chart in the US into the late 80’s. During the 90’s and 00’s, he recorded and toured consistently while tapping into a loyal fan base in his native Pennsylvania and surrounding region. He released an EP in 2008, a live album in 2009, and an album of holiday selections in 2010.

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