What’s New & Hot in Music?… Ian Axel

Browse & purchase this albumThis is the New Year – Ian Axel (US iTunes release: 8 Feb 2011; other US outlets: 15 Feb 2011)
Released this week on iTunes only, Ian Axel’s debut full-length album is smart, youthful piano-powered pop at its best. Comparisons to Elton John, Randy Newman, and Sufjan Stevens have been made, and I’d agree. But perhaps with a touch more whimsy sprinkled in to lighten them up a bit. Enjoy!

Ian Axel is an American singer/songwriter from New Jersey who’s built a loyal following in New York City and surrounding region over the past few years due to his engaging live performances. He released an EP in 2007 and landed a song on the soundtrack of MTV’s The Hills the same year. He’s since had his music piped into Apple stores across the US. So, perhaps his tunes were dancing in your head when you purchased your new iPod or iPhone. If they weren’t then, they will be now.

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