Somethin’ I Can Dance To: Jipsta

Party of the Year (Alexander & Mark VDH Bump & Grind Mix) – Jipsta featuring Sandy B (2011)
An infectious mix of new hip-hop beats and old-school dance diva. How can you go wrong?!? The current generation, represented by Jipsta, meets my generation, represented by Sandy B. And the result is hot, pulsing gyrations on the dance floor. Enjoy!

Browse & purchase this maxi-singleJipsta is an American rapper, songwriter, and DJ known for his fusion of hip-hop and house music. He released his first single in 2008 and scored his biggest hit to-date, a cover of George Michael’s I Want Your Sex, the next year.

Sandy B (born Sandy Barber) is an American house music vocalist who scored a string of  #1 dance hits in the 90’s. Her most popular single to-date is Make the World Go Round (1996).

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