Old School: The Four Lads

Moments to Remember – The Four Lads (1955)

The Four Lads
Frank Busseri (1933-present), Connie Codarini (1930-2010), Bernie Toorish (1931-present) & Jimmy Arnold (1932-2004)

Genre: Vocal harmonies & acapella
Origin: Toronto > Ontario > Canada
Career: 1950 – present (with 3 new members)
Tidbit: The original members met while attending St. Michael’s Choir School in Toronto.

One response to “Old School: The Four Lads

  1. How is bernie getting on? He and frank are the only lads left. I first saw them at the casino theater in toronto in 1952. I’m 82. Probably saw them 6 or 7 times. I have put all their old 78,s on to a cd. Caddies at the same golf course as jimmie back in 1948. Dave murchison. P.s. I grew up in port credit

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