Whatever Happened To… Bread?

Everything I Own – Bread (1972)
Following their initial break-up in 1973, Bread re-formed in 1976 and released their final studio album the following year. They disbanded again in 1978, then came back together briefly in 1996 when they mounted a worldwide 25th anniversary reunion tour. Front-man David Gates was the most visible member post-Bread with a short-lived solo career in the late 70’s, after which he retired to a ranch in California. Guitarist Jimmy Griffin went on to perform solo and with a couple other bands before succumbing to cancer in 2005. Bassist/keyboardist Robb Boyer went on to have a successful songwriting career in Nashville where he now resides. Drummer Mike Botts became a successful session musician before releasing his first solo album in 2000. He died from cancer in 2005. Bread was inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2006.

A couple other gut-wrenchers from Bread & David Gates:

Goodbye Girl – David Gates (1977)

Lost Without Your Love – Bread (1977)

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