Whatever Happened To… Tears for Fears?

Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears for Fears (1985)
A duo comprised of Roland Orzabel & Curt Smith, Tears for Fears effectively parted ways in 1991, even though Orzabel retained legal rights to the band name. He collaborated with others to deliver two Tears for Fears studio albums during the 90’s, and in 2001 he delivered a solo album under his own name. In the meantime, Smith moved to the US and worked on a handful of solo and collaborative projects. Orzabel & Smith reunited in 2000 and released a new studio album in 2005. They’ve since toured and released a live album, but no new material is in the works, mostly due to their geographic separation and their respective families (Rozabel’s in England, Smith’s in California). Smith released a new Christmas single last year and has become a strong proponent and user of social media. He’s currently working on Stripped Down Live, an online version of MTV Unplugged), and Social Media Project, a collection of music he makes with artists he’s met online.

2 responses to “Whatever Happened To… Tears for Fears?

  1. please come back. Did you know how great your sound and you were/ are?

  2. PLEASE reunite. Love your sound and have your album. Tired of telling the grandkids how great u r together

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