What’s New & Hot in Music?… Adam Lambert

Genre: Pop-rock / Modern rock
Origin: Indianapolis > Indiana > US
Website: adamofficial.com

Beg for Mercy – Adam Lambert (US release: 21 NOV 2011)

2 responses to “What’s New & Hot in Music?… Adam Lambert

  1. Good to know. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just to be clear…this is not NEW music. This is NOT Adam Lambert’s NEW or NEXT album. This is a collection of pre-idol music that Adam recorded at a time in his life when he was broke and never completed the recordings. It is unauthorized and released without Adam’s permission, and he is not happy about it. He had nothing to do with its production and it does not reflect where his music is today. These people have filed a lawsuit against Adam alleging things that are not true. They also falsely advertised BFM in the beginning on a website that included Adam’s tweets about his new album “Tresspassing” (not named at the time) and implied that BFM was his new album to fool fans into buying it. If you are a fan of Adam Lambert’s please do not buy this CD and thereby support a lawsuit against Adam. Wait until his album “Trespassing” comes out in Spring 2012.

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