Whatever Happened To… Sheriff?

When I’m With You – Sheriff (1989)
This Canadian band was already toast before they hit it big. Originally released in 1982, this track didn’t catch on, and the band broke up in 1985. In 1988, an American radio DJ started playing it, and it found a second life at the top of the US charts. The band’s leaders tried to resurrect Sheriff, but were unsuccessful. Instead, front-man Freddy Curci & guitarist Steve DeMarchi formed the band Alias, which had short-lived chart success in the early 90’s. Keyboardist Arnold Lanni & bassist Wolf Hassel formed the band Frozen Ghost, which lasted until 1993. Following Alias, Curci released a solo album before joining the band Zion in the 00’s, and DeMarchi went on to join the Cranberries. Meanwhile, Lanni became a successful producer, working with Our Lady Peace on several of their albums. I hope you took notes…there *will* be a quiz. ;-)

One response to “Whatever Happened To… Sheriff?

  1. The song is playing right now on the radio which brought back great memories. I saw them perform at the McIntyre Arena in Timmins when I was a teen .

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