What’s New & Hot in Music?… Civil Twilight

Genre: Alternative rock / Indie rock
Origin: Cape Town > Western Cape > South Africa
Website: civiltwilightband.com

Holy Weather - Civil Twilight (US release: 26 MAR 2012)

One response to “What’s New & Hot in Music?… Civil Twilight

  1. kevincorcoranjr

    this is the CD that will be HUGE in a few months. If you are one of the real music lovers out there, this album will set itself high upon the shelf from which you select your next songs. It’s catchy without trying to be, it’s indie without knowing it, and it’s edgy without any harshness. Treat yourself to a unique musical (s)experience and play this cd into your best pair of headphones. As soon as I get off work, I come home and put on holy weather for a complete stress wind-down, but at the same time it hypes me up for whatever is coming next! I can’t wait to see this band live already… i can only imagine the energy that would be inside of the venue!

    Anyway, ramble ramble… this CD is really f***** good!

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