Whatever Happened To… Ten Years After?

I’d Love to Change the World – Ten Years After (1971)
This British band, formed in 1966, broke through to American audiences at Woodstock in 1969 and continued to record and tour internationally until they disbanded in 1974. Front-man Alvin Lee continued performing, both in collaboration and solo. Bassist Leo Lyons began managing recording studios. Keyboardist Chick Churchill went into artist management and publishing. Drummer Ric Lee also started working behind the scenes in production and publishing. TYA reunited in 1983 to tour, but didn’t release a new studio album until 1989. They continued to perform occasionally through the 90’s, and in 2003 Lee was replaced by Joe Gooch. Lee continues to record and perform solo; his most recent album came out in 2009. TYA also released their most recent album in 2009 and can be seen performing at various European music festivals this summer.

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