Whatever Happened To… Scandal?

Goodbye to You – Scandal (1982)
This American band, formed in 1981, didn’t last long after their biggest hit in 1984…they called it quits the next year. ¬†Front-woman Patty Smyth launched a solo career and landed her biggest hit in 1992. Drummer Thommy Price started working with Joan Jett while also becoming a popular session musician on the side. Bassist¬†Ivan Elias died of cancer in 1995. The remaining members of Scandal reunited in 2004 for a show on VH1, and followed it up with a well-received tour. They’ve since continued to tour (sans Price) and were reported to be working on a new album. But no release date has yet been announced.

One response to “Whatever Happened To… Scandal?

  1. Scott Murphy

    Scandal was cursed when it came to band members. As already mentioned, Ivan Elias died of cancer in 1995. Frankie LaRocka, the drummer, died in 2005 after undergoing heart surgery and Benjy King died from a freak accident in 2012

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