Whatever Happened To… C+C Music Factory?

Gonna Make you Sweat – C+C Music Factory (1990)
This American production duo, comprised of Robert Clivillés and David Cole, helped bring house music to the American masses with this, their debut single and album. The album caused some controversy when Martha Wash, who accompanied rapper Freedom Williams on vocals, didn’t receive credit or royalties for vocals lip-synched (on videos and in performances) by Zelma Davis. C+C released a second studio album before Cole succumbed to AIDS-related complications in 1995. Shortly thereafter Clivillés released a third album under the C+C moniker, but it fizzled on the charts. Clivillés released material under the stage name Robi-Rob’s Clubworld in the late 90’s, and in the 00’s he returned to production work with hip-hop act MVP. C+C returned in 2010, with Eric Kupper taking over Cole’s previous slot. Their latest effort, a collaboration with singer Scarlett Santana, came out last August.

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