Whatever Happened To… Rupert Holmes?

Escape (The Piña Colada Song) – Rupert Holmes (1979)
Born David Goldstein, this American singer-songwriter, author, and playwright went on to find much greater success following his recording career. In 1985, Holmes started a play-writing career, which resulted in successful Broadway runs for The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Say Goodnight Gracie, Thumbs, among many others. In the 90’s, he tried his hand at television, creating the well-received Remember WENN series for American Movie Classics (AMC). In the 2000’s, he authored three books. Most recently, Holmes adapted John Grisham’s A Time to Kill for the stage in 2011. And he wrote the book and lyrics (to Marvin Hamlisch‘s score) for the stage version of The Nutty Professor, which is currently premiering in Nashville.

One response to “Whatever Happened To… Rupert Holmes?

  1. Thank you for the info this is one of my favorite songs and Rupert Holmes is awesome!

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