Whatever Happened To… Positive K?

I got a Man – Positive K (1992)
Born Darryl Gibson, this American rapper (or emcee) made a sizable impression with his debut album. While he’s continued to be active in the music industry over the years by owning and managing his own label, he’s yet to release a sophomore effort of his own work. Using the same stage name, +K can now be seen performing in the world of stand-up comedy.

4 responses to “Whatever Happened To… Positive K?

  1. check posktv on youtube or go to positivek.com

    I am alive and well pos k forever.

  2. NOTE: The “female” vocals on this track are, in fact, Positive K’s. Thanks to the wonders of technology, they raised the pitch of his voice in the studio for that portion of the vocals.

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