Whatever Happened To… After the Fire?

Der Kommissar – After the Fire (1982)
Originally formed in the mid-70’s, this English band split shortly after this hit reached the US Top 5. Only drummer Pete King continued performing – taking a gig with German band Bap – before succumbing to cancer in 1987. Other members went on to assume behind-the-scene roles in the music industry (engineer, producer, & sales). In 2004, keyboardist Peter Banks & guitarist John Russell reunited and recruited new members to fill out the band. They re-recorded some past hits, but haven’t yet returned to the studio to record new material. In the meantime, they tour occasionally, mainly to British audiences. Earlier this month, Banks co-published a book which explores the relationship between music and theology.

One response to “Whatever Happened To… After the Fire?

  1. I followed the band avidly during the glory days between “One Rule For You” and “Der Kommissar”. From fireworks at Greenbelt to their last concert in London. Loved every minute.

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