Whatever Happened To… Living Colour?

Browse & purchase this albumCult of Personality – Living Colour (1988)
This American band found critical and commercial success with this, their debut single and album. Their second and third albums charted well, but to diminishing success, and the band split in 1995 while working on their fourth album. Each member released solo debuts shortly thereafter: Drummer Will Calhoun in 1995; founder & guitarist Vernon Reid in 1996; front-man Corey Glover in 1998; and bassist Doug Wimbish in 1999. And beyond their solo efforts, they collaborated with other artists (including each other) on various performance & production projects. Living Colour reunited in 2000 and released their come-back album in 2003 to critical praise (but not commercial success). Their latest album came out in 2009, and band members have continued solo & collaborative side-projects.

2 responses to “Whatever Happened To… Living Colour?

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  2. unfortunately, how does one “sell” to america 4 black men playing rock music. Rock radio only plays “popular” songs or music THEY think YOU will like. We’ve turned into a world of american idol where art is lost in music and its better to develop an image before sound and sonics…

    this is whats wrong w/ music today. not just why living colour and many other bands don’t get radio play

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