Whatever Happened To… Badfinger?

Browse & purchase this albumCome and Get It – Badfinger (1970)
This British band benefited from sounding like The Beatles, especially in the midst of the Fab Four’s dissolution. But Badfinger, despite their commercial success on both sides of the Atlantic, were plagued by tragedy in 1975 when front-man Pete Ham took his own life. The band split, but a new incarnation of Badfinger, led by bassist Tom Evans, resurfaced in 1978 and released a “come-back” album the following year. In the early 80’s, two incarnations of the band existed, the other one being led by keyboardist/guitarist Joey Molland. Their rivalry over royalties from the band’s early days came to a head when Evans also took his own life in 1983. Molland went on to release a few solo albums and, along with other former band-mates, performed occasionally under the Badfinger moniker. In 2000, a Badfinger album recorded in 1974 was finally released. And Joey Molland released his latest solo effort the same year. Founding member/drummer Mike Gibbins died in 2005.

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