Somethin’ I Can Dance To: Delerium

Browse & purchase this singleDays Turn Into Nights (Solarstone Pure Mix) – Delerium featuring Michael Logen (2012)
This Canadian group, originally a side-project for members of industrial band Front Line Assembly, has eclipsed the commercial success of FLA due to Delerium’s international appeal and collaborations with top vocalists. This track comes from their latest album, which was released in the US in October. Enjoy!

Solarstone has been the stage name for British DJ, producer, remixer, singer & songwriter Richard Mowatt since 1997. He’s achieved international acclaim for his trance remixes, but has also released his own work (his latest album came out last year).

Michael Logen is an American singer-songwriter who originally gained recognition for his songwriting prowess, but then released his own debut in 2007. His songs have been used on various television & radio shows in the ensuing years, and his latest claim to fame is writing Kelly Clarkson’s latest #1 hit. He’s reportedly working on another album of his own.

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