Whatever Happened To… The Jets?

Browse & purchase this albumYou Got it All – The Jets (1986)
This American band, another family musical act, were originally comprised of eight members of the Wolfgramm family. They made a strong showing with this, their debut album, and continued to score hits throughout the 80’s. During the 90’s arrived, their label tried to market The Jets as more urban & hip-hop. But it wasn’t a good fit for this Mormon family, and they went into more of a gospel direction. The Jets’ latest album was released in 1997, but spin-off groups from this large family (19 siblings total!) have kept them engaged in the music industry in some fashion over the years.

One response to “Whatever Happened To… The Jets?

  1. this is very rollerskatey in my Swatch watch. i always hear a trace of lisp as well on her vocals.

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