Whatever Happened To… Oingo Boingo?

Browse & purchase this albumWeird Science – Oingo Boingo (1985)
This American band, which started out in the 70’s as a performance art group, reached the peak of their commercial success with this hit, along with their other contributions to 80’s movie soundtracks. Oingo Boingo released their final album in 1994 and split the following year. Front-man Danny Elfman expanded his previous side-projects in film scoring into a full-time career, earning most of his recognition working with director Tim Burton (a collaboration which continues today). Guitarist Steve Bartek also went on to work in scoring, often collaborating with Elfman, while also scoring television series on his own. Bassist John Avila went on to open a recording studio, and he currently performs as part of the performance group The Mutaytor.

One response to “Whatever Happened To… Oingo Boingo?

  1. The 80s was a great blessing from the good Lord the great advancement in technology great music across the board serving in the US Air Force for a nation that once again found itself the Shining City on the Hill/but the Music,Beer, and the Girls if I could only go back!!!

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