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What’s New & Hot in Music?… Martin Sexton

Genre: Blue-eyed soul / Folk-rock / Americana / Singer-songwriter
Origin: Syracuse > New York > US

Mixtape of the Open Road - Martin Sexton (US release: 10 FEB 2015)

Mixtape of the Open Road – Martin Sexton (US release: 10 FEB 2015)

What’s New & Hot in Music?… Nick Waterhouse

Genre: R&B / Blue-eyed soul / Singer-songwriter
Origin: Huntington Beach > California > US

Holly - Nick Waterhouse (US release: 04 MAR 2014)

Holly – Nick Waterhouse (US release: 04 MAR 2014)

Whatever Happened To… Sanford & Townsend?

Browse & purchase this albumSmoke From a Distant Fire – Sanford & Townsend (1977)
This American band, led by Ed Sanford & Johnny Townsend, went on to release two more studio albums but weren’t able to match the success of this debut, and they disbanded by 1980. Both returned to careers as session musicians and songwriters. Sanford went on to co-write Michael McDonald’s solo debut hit in 1982, while Townsend also worked with Michael McDonald, Jackson Browne, and Gregg Allman (among others). Townsend finally released his solo debut in 2003 and then teamed up with Dan Toler (formerly with the Allman Brothers Band) to form the Toler/Townsend Band in 2008. They released their debut in 2009.

What’s New & Hot in Music?… Ruby Velle & the Soulphonics

Genre: Blue-eyed soul / R&B / Pop-rock
Origin: Atlanta > Georgia > US

It’s About Time – Ruby Velle & the Soulphonics (US release: 04 SEP 2012)

Whatever Happened To… Alison Moyet?

Invisible – Alison Moyet (1984)
This soulful English singer-songwriter first gained international fame as one half of Yazoo (known as Yaz in the US) before launching a solo career in 1984. While she faded from view of US audiences by the late 80’s, she continued to hold the attention of British and German audiences well into the 90’s. Following an 8-year drought – and departure from her label – she came back with a well-received album in 2002, and releases have followed regularly since – her most recent one in 2007. Along the way, she’s also performed in musical theater in London. She’s reportedly working on a new album due out next year.

Old School: Roy Orbison

Running Scared – Roy Orbison (1961)

Roy Orbison (1936-1988)

Genre: Rockabilly / pop / rock
Origin: Vernon > Texas > US
Career: 1954-1988
Tidbit: Orbison suffered from stage fright. When recording this song with a backing orchestra, the producer placed him in the corner of the studio surrounded by coat racks to simulate an isolation booth so he could hit the ending high note.

Whatever Happened To… Boz Scaggs?

Look What You’ve Done to Me – Boz Scaggs (1980)
Scaggs saw most of his chart success in the late 70’s, and following a 1980 album, took eight years to release his next album. In 1991, he joined Donald Fagen (of Steely Dan) as part of his New York Rock & Soul Revue. He’s released albums relatively consistently since 1994, his most recent one coming out in 2008. In 2010, he again partnered with Fagen & Michael McDonald (of Doobie Brothers) to tour as the Dukes of September Rhythm Revue.

What’s New & Hot in Music?… Lauren Pritchard

Browse & purchase this albumWasted in Jackson – Lauren Pritchard (US digital-only release: 25 Oct 2010; US CD release: 22 Feb 2011)
In the shadows of British counterparts Duffy and Adele, Lauren Pritchard steps out with her debut full-length album. Despite the album’s title, there is nothing being wasted here. Her velvety voice is put to best use, thanks to producer and co-songwriter Eg White, who’s worked not only with Duffy and Adele but also with other British music standouts Will Young and James Morrison. Let’s just say she’s in good company. Enjoy!

Lauren Pritchard is an American singer, songwriter, and actress who, at age 16, started out singing for a reggae band before landing a starring role in the Broadway musical Spring Awakening for two years. Thereafter, a short trip to London to work with award-winning songwriter White turned into a year-long album production effort, the product of which is this record.

Whatever Happened To… Lisa Stansfield?

Browse & purchase this albumAll Around the World – Lisa Stansfield (1990)
A soulful club classic that always filled up the dance floor. Stansfield was British music’s “It girl” of the early 90’s – she was beautiful, promoted heavily, and could do no wrong. This international hit was her solo debut, and while she kept charting in the US through the mid 90’s, she wasn’t able to repeat its success. In the late 90’s, she began focusing more on acting. Her last studio album was released in 2004, but she’s since landed acting roles on stage, TV, and film in the UK.

What’s New & Hot in Music?… Duffy

Browse & purchase this albumEndlessly – Duffy (US release: 7 Dec 2010)
Not having a television has shielded me from much of the over-exposure some artists experience on VH1, MTV, or other music outlets on TV. Therefore, I missed the 2008-09 media-bomb (in the US) surrounding Duffy. Comparisons to Dusty Springfield or Amy Winehouse aside, Duffy is a talented singer AND songwriter who delivers a solid sophomore release this week with her new studio album. Enjoy!

Duffy (born Aimée Duffy) is a Welsh singer/songwriter who, after releasing an EP and being runner-up on a Welsh Idol-like talent show, rocketed to stardom when her first full-length album debuted at the top of the UK album chart in 2008. It subsequently rose to the Top 5 in the US and earned her a 2009 Grammy. Her most popular song to-date is Mercy (2008).