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What’s New & Hot in Music?… Hælos

Genre: Dark euphoria / Electro-soul / Dance
Origin: London > England > UK

Full Circle - Hælos (US release: 18 MAR 2016)

Full Circle – Hælos (US release: 18 MAR 2016)

What’s New & Hot in Music?… The Knocks

Genre: Dance-pop / Nu-disco / Electronica
Origin: New York City > New York > US

55 - The Knocks (US release: 04 MAR 2016)

55 – The Knocks (US release: 04 MAR 2016)

What’s New & Hot in Music?… Fat Freddy’s Drop

Genre: Dance / Dub / Roots / R&B / Jazz
Origin: Wellington > North Island > New Zealand

Bays - Fat Freddy's Drop (US release: 23 OCT 2015)

Bays – Fat Freddy’s Drop (US release: 23 OCT 2015)

What’s New & Hot in Music?… Nicolay

Genre: Soul / Hip-hop / Jazz fusion / Downtempo / Electronica / Dance
Origin: Utrecht > Utrecht > Netherlands

City Lights Vol. 3: Soweto - Nicolay (US release: 9 JUN 2015)

City Lights Vol. 3: Soweto – Nicolay (US release: 9 JUN 2015)

What’s New & Hot in Music?… Aloe Blacc

Genre: Hip-hop / Soul / Latin / Folk / Dance / Singer-songwriter
Origin: Los Angeles > California > US

Lift Your Spirit - Aloe Blacc (US release: 11 MAR 2014)

Lift Your Spirit – Aloe Blacc (US release: 11 MAR 2014)

Somethin’ I Can Dance To: Sheryl Crow

Browse & purchase this singleSoak up the Sun (Victor Calderone & Mac Quayle Sunsweep Radio Mix) – Sheryl Crow (2002)
This American singer, songwriter, musician & producer wrote commercial jingles and taught music before landing some back-up vocalist gigs with popular artists. Since Crow broke out with her solo debut in 1993, she’s consistently landed near the top of worldwide charts. Her work has diversified to include blues and – more recently – country music. And this summer anthem is her only hit to-date to top the dance charts. Enjoy!

Whatever Happened To… Village People?

Browse & purchase this albumGo West – Village People (1979)
This American group, formed by a French composer Jacques Morali & producer Henri Belolo, personified several male stereotypes seen around New York’s Greenwich Village in the late 70’s. They rode the wave of disco’s popularity – and lead singer Victor Willis’ strong vocals – to international fame. As with disco’s rise & fall, the Village People’s meteoric rise faded quickly as the 80’s began and several line-up changes ensued. Their last studio album came out in 1985, after which they took a break for two years. Since their return in 1987, their line-up has remained relatively stable, with three founding members still on-board. Thanks to their status as pop-culture icons, they continue to tour internationally and make special appearances to this day. They can be seen touring the US throughout this summer.

Whatever Happened To… Crystal Waters?

Browse & purchase this album100% Pure Love – Crystal Waters (1994)
This American singer-songwriter helped popularize house music in the US throughout the 90’s. While her latest studio album came out in 1997, Waters has continued to release singles, top the dance charts, and tour over the years. Her latest single, a collaboration with Chris Cox & DJ Frankie, currently sits at #2 on the US dance chart. She looks and sounds as good as ever.

Whatever Happened To… Technotronic?

Browse & purchase this albumMove This – Technotronic (1992)
This Belgian group, founded by Jo Bogaert, used vocalists Manuela “Ya Kid K” Kamosi and Eric “MC Eric” Martin to best effect when they first made an international splash in the late 80’s. And they continued to expose the world to techno-house music into the 90’s. This single was their last US hit, and their original material faded away quickly thereafter, although remixes and re-releases of their big hits continued into the 00’s. Kamosi went on to contribute her distinctive vocals to several side projects over the years. Meanwhile, Martin, who took on the stage name Me One, released a solo effort in 2000, and then started his own record label in 2005.

Whatever Happened To… Vicki Sue Robinson?

Browse & purchase this albumTurn the Beat Around – Vicki Sue Robinson (1976)
This American singer & actress built an impressive resumé on Broadway before topping the US dance chart with this hit from her debut album. She recorded a few more albums later in the 70’s, but wasn’t able to find another hit. During the 80’s, Robinson found work as a back-up singer, session vocalist, and singer of commercial jingles. Her career saw a resurgence when Gloria Estefan scored a hit with a remake of this song in 1994. That momentum resulted in her releasing her only hit in the UK, contributing to movie soundtracks, and joining a successful tour with other disco-era stars. She also returned to the stage, this time off-Broadway, in 1999. Robinson succumbed to cancer in 2000 at age 45.