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What’s New & Hot in Music?… Mat Zo

Genre: Electro-bass / Garage / Drum & bass
Origin: London > England > UK

Self Assemble - Mat Zo (US release: 25 MAR 2016)

Self Assemble – Mat Zo (US release: 25 MAR 2016)

Somethin’ I Can Dance To: Rihanna & LoBounce

Where Have You Been (LoBounce Remix) – Rihanna (2012)
With the original already one of my favorite dance tracks of this past year, this version “bounces” to a whole new level. Enjoy!

Born Giancarlo Pasquesi, LoBounce is an American DJ, producer, and remixer whose speciality’s infusing bass throughout his productions, a style he calls “drippy bass.” What would *YOU* call it?

Somethin’ I Can Dance To: Ayah Marar

Unstoppable – Ayah Marar (2012)
This Jordanian singer, songwriter, and DJ was an early collaborator of Calvin Harris in the mid-00’s (and she continues to work with him).  She launched her own record label this year, and this track comes from her debut solo album. It’s due to be released in the UK later this month…Here’s hoping we’ll see it in the US soon. Enjoy!

Somethin’ I Can Dance To: Delta Heavy

Get By – Delta Heavy (2012)
This British duo, comprised of producers Simon James & Ben Hall, made their debut in 2009. They’ve built an impressive reputation by working in the studio with Avicii, Tinie Tempah, Rita Ora, among others. They also tour heavily (pun not intended)…in fact, they’re currently touring Europe and can be seen in the US next month.

Somethin’ I Can Dance To: Youngman

Who Knows – Youngman (2012)
Born Simon Smith, Youngman is a talented MC who’s been working in dubstep and drum & bass since 2006. This single, released last month in his native UK, is not yet available in the US. His first studio album is currently in the works and due for release in 2012. Let’s hope that release will make it to the American market.