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What’s New & Hot in Music?… Dead Sara

Genre: Alternative / Hard / Punk rock
Origin: Los Angeles > California > US

Pleasure to Meet You - Dead Sara (US release: 31 MAR 2015)

Pleasure to Meet You – Dead Sara (US release: 31 MAR 2015)

Whatever Happened To… Mr. Big?

Browse & purchase this albumTo Be With You – Mr. Big (1991)
This American band broke through with this international hit from their sophomore album. While they started fading from American audiences in the mid-90’s, Mr. Big became a huge success in Asia (Japan, in particular). The band withstood some line-up changes in the late 90’s, but then disbanded in 2002 after releasing their sixth studio album. Band members went on to work on multiple solo project and new bands. In 2009, the original members re-formed Mr. Big and toured extensively throughout Asia. Their latest album came out in 2011, and they toured internationally to support it. Several band members continue to work on side projects.

Whatever Happened To… Europe?

Browse & purchase this albumCarrie – Europe (1987)
This Swedish band made the most of the popularity of big-hair metal in the US during the 80’s. And recording a power ballad didn’t hurt either. This hit & album saw them reach the peak of their commercial popularity, at least in the US, and they split in 1992. Front-man Joey Tempest & guitarist Kee Marcello put out their respective solo debuts in 1995. And guitarist John Norum, who’d already started a successful solo career on the side, continued along that path. Europe reunited in 2003 and released a come-back album the following year. While they haven’t charted again in the US, their albums continue to land at the top of the Swedish charts. Their latest studio effort came out last year.

Whatever Happened To… Humble Pie?

Browse & purchase this album30 Days in the Hole – Humble Pie (1972)
This British band, founded by Steve Marriott, reached their commercial peak with this album, but continued to be very prolific up until their split in 1975. Marriott went on to release a solo effort before reforming his previous band, The Small Faces. But that reunion only last until 1978, and Marriott revived Humble Pie the following year with original drummer Jerry Shirley, plus three other new members. This line-up released two albums before calling it quits in 1981; however Marriott toured with a completely new line-up which billed themselves as Humble Pie, which lasted until 1983. Shirley, who helped launch heavy metal band Fastway in the early 80’s, launched another incarnation of Humble Pie in 1988, which toured throughout the 90’s but didn’t release any new material before calling it quits in 2000. Meanwhile, Marriott died in a house fire in 1991. Not to be called a quitter, Shirley launched yet another incarnation of Humble Pie in 2001, which saw them release their latest album in 2002. Were you taking notes? …You *will* be tested. ;-)

Whatever Happened To… Faith No More?

Browse & purchase this albumEpic – Faith No More (1990)
This American band had been around almost a decade when they scored this, their breakthrough hit. They released another well-received album in 1992, but they weren’t able to sustain their peak commercial success thereafter. After a couple additional albums, they disbanded in 1998, and band members pursued solo and collaborative projects:

  • Front-man Mike Patton, who’d already released a couple solo efforts, went to join metal super-group Fantômas. He also launched a label, Ipecac Recordings, and has contributed his strong voice to films and video games.
  • Keyboardist Roddy Bottum went on to form Imperial Teen, an indie pop band, and has scored several films & television shows.
  • Bassist Billy Gould went to collaborate with numerous artists & bands before launching his own label, Koolarrow Records.
  • Drummer Mike Bordin worked in Ozzy Osbourne’s band, and then temporarily replaced KoЯn’s drummer when he was injured.

Faith No More reunited in 2009 and have toured extensively internationally. While there were rumors they were returning to the studio to record new material, that has not yet happened.

Whatever Happened To… Whitesnake?

Browse & purchase this albumHere I Go Again – Whitesnake (1987)
This band, founded by former Deep Purple front-man David Coverdale, were a hit in their native UK for well over five years before this single & album brought them international fame. Despite various line-up changes and the on-again/off-again status of the band over the past two decades, they’ve continued to tour and record to great fanfare. In the 90’s, Coverdale collaborated with former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page on a critically & commercially-acclaimed project. Whitesnake’s latest studio effort came out in 2011, and they’re scheduled to tour the UK with Journey next year. Here they go again…indeed.

Whatever Happened To… Bloodrock?

D.O.A. – Bloodrock (1971)
This American band made an impressive showing with this, their sophomore album. They endured some line-up changes in the following years, but called it quits in 1975. Most band members went on to solo projects or worked as session musicians. In 2000, the band’s last album, previously unreleased, was included in a compilation release. In 2005, five original members reunited for a concert to benefit keyboardist Stevie Hill, who’s battling leukemia. In 2010, Hill released a solo effort and guitarist Nick Taylor died.

Whatever Happened To… Tesla?

Love Song – Tesla (1989)
This American band reached their commercial peak in the early 90’s and went on hiatus in 1994. They reunited in 2000, and their come-back album came out in 2004. Despite some line-up changes, they’ve continued to tour and record since. Their most recent album came out last year, and currently they can be seen touring the US.

Whatever Happened To… Nazareth?

Hair of the Dog – Nazareth (1975)
This Scottish band reached their commercial peak with this album, but have continued to regularly release new records over the years. Their fan-base in northern Europe is especially strong. Two founding members, front-man Dan McCafferty and bassist Pete Agnew, continue with the band today. Lead guitarist Manny Charlton left in 1990 to form another band, followed by a solo career. Drummer Darrell Sweet died of a heart attack while touring in 1999; he was replaced by Agnew’s son, Lee. Nazareth celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2008 and released their most recent studio album last year. They can be seen touring throughout Canada this summer.

Whatever Happened To… Rainbow?

Street of Dreams – Rainbow (1983)
This British band, formed in 1975 by guitarist Ritchie Blackmore when he left Deep Purple, found consistent success on both sides of the Atlantic. Despite repeated line-up changes, the band released seven studio albums before calling it quits in 1984 when Blackmore and bassist Roger Glover reunited with Deep Purple. Following his second departure from Deep Purple, Blackmore resurrected Rainbow in 1994 (with a new line-up), released their final studio album, and launched a world tour. Rainbow folded again in 1997 when Blackmore launched Blackmore’s Night, a Renaissance folk outfit, with his new girlfriend Candice Night. They’ve released seven studio albums (the most recent one in 2011) and continue to record and tour.