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Whatever Happened To… Kix?

Browse & purchase this albumDon’t Close Your Eyes – Kix (1989)
This American band, who’d been around for upwards of a decade when they scored this breakthrough hit, rode the wave of “hair metal” prevalent in the late 80’s. But that wave subsided by the mid-90’s, and Kix called it quits in 1996. Band members went on to work in regional rock and blues bands, and a new incarnation of Kix (missing a couple founding members) resurfaced in 2003. More recently, a live album came out last fall. And reports indicate a new studio album, their first since 1995, is due later this year. They currently have tour dates booked through this summer and fall.

Whatever Happened To… De La Soul?

Browse & purchase this albumMe Myself and I – De La Soul (1989)
This ground-breaking American trio – comprised of Kelvin Mercer, David Jude Jolicoeur, and Vincent Mason – became both critical & commercial darlings with this hit from their debut album. They’ve continued to record and perform over the years, both with their own work and collaborations with others. Their 2005 collaboration with Gorillaz earned them their first Grammy. Their latest studio album (as a full trio) came out in 2004, while Mercer & Jolicoeur’s side project (using nicknames Plug1 and Plug2) released an album last year. The trio is reportedly working on a new studio album, but no release date has been announced.

Whatever Happened To… Taylor Dayne?

Browse & purchase this albumWith Every Beat of my Heart – Taylor Dayne (1989)
Born Leslie Wunderman, this American singer-songwriter continued to appear on worldwide pop charts into the mid-90’s. While her subsequent releases haven’t been as commercially successful (nor as frequent), Dayne has continued to be a prolific performer, including diversifying into acting, Broadway, and reality television. And while she may no longer be appearing on pop charts, she’s recently placed several hits in  – & on top of – worldwide dance charts. Her latest studio album came out in 2008, and her latest single in 2011. Dayne will be touring Australia later this year.

Whatever Happened To… Tone Lōc?

Browse & purchase this albumFunky Cold Medina – Tone Lōc (1989)
Born Anthony Smith, this American rapper made a huge splash with his debut album, which topped the US charts. In 1991 he released a sophomore effort – which turned out to be his last record – that wasn’t nearly as commercially successful. But Lōc diversified his work and became a prolific and successful voice & performance actor over the years, earning roles in numerous films and television shows. And ever so often, he’s contributed his talents to others’ music projects.

Whatever Happened To… Cowboy Junkies?

Sweet Jane – Cowboy Junkies (1989)
This Canadian band affirmed their cult status with this, their sophomore album. They’ve continued to release albums regularly over the years, despite none of them reaching the commercial acceptance of this effort. The line-up, composed of siblings Margo, Michael, and Peter Timmins, plus Alan Anton, has remained constant. In 2007, they released a re-recording of this album, adding new collaborators, in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original. Their latest studio album came out early this year.

Whatever Happened To… Mike + the Mechanics?

The Living Years – Mike + the Mechanics (1989)
Originally a side-project for Genesis guitarist Mike Rutherford, this English band reached its commercial peak (at least in the US) with this single and album. They stopped charting in the US in the early 90’s, but they continued to make substantial appearances on UK charts until 2000, when vocalist Paul Young died of a heart attack. Using remaining vocalist Paul Carrack (featured on this track), they limped along before disbanding in 2004 due to Carrack’s focus on his solo work. In 2009, Rutherford announced a new incarnation of the Mechanics with a new line-up, and they released a studio album last year. They continue to perform.

Whatever Happened To… Tesla?

Love Song – Tesla (1989)
This American band reached their commercial peak in the early 90’s and went on hiatus in 1994. They reunited in 2000, and their come-back album came out in 2004. Despite some line-up changes, they’ve continued to tour and record since. Their most recent album came out last year, and currently they can be seen touring the US.

Whatever Happened To… Samantha Fox?

I Only Wanna be with You – Samantha Fox (1989)
This English singer-songwriter and former model’s provocative songs and videos titillated fans around the world during the 80’s. While her commercial success in the US faded as the 90’s began, she’s continued to maintain a larger fan base in Europe, thanks partly to diversifying into reality television. Her most recent studio album came out in 2005, and she’s collaborated with other artists on dance-pop singles. Her most recent single, a collaboration with Greek band Zante Dilemma, came out late last year.

Whatever Happened To… Skid Row?

18 and Life – Skid Row (1989)
This American band rode the wave of “big hair metal” in the late 80’s and early 90’s, thanks in part to the lovely mane of front-man Sebastian Bach. Bach left the band in 1996 and launched a solo career. He’s also appeared on Broadway and several television shows. Bach’s most recent album came out last fall. The remaining members of Skid Row carried on, finding a new front-man in Johnny Solinger. While their records haven’t been as commercially successful since Bach’s departure, they continue to tour regularly. Skid Row released their most recent studio album in 2006.

Whatever Happened To… Young MC?

Bust a Move – Young MC (1989)
Born Marvin Young, this American singer and rapper landed his first record contract while earning a degree in Economics. And he’s used his business education to survive in the music industry despite his inability to match the success of this, his debut single. In addition to regularly releasing albums over the years, he’s diversified into television and films. Young’s most recent studio album came out in 2009.