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Liner Notes: In Memory of Marvin Hamlisch 1944-2012

The Entertainer – Marvin Hamlisch (1973)
A child prodigy on the piano at Juilliard, Mr. Hamlisch became one of the most distinguished and successful composers of the 20th century. He not only composed scores for over 40 films, he also composed the score for A Chorus Line on Broadway (among others) and conducted several orchestras. He was one of the most decorated artists in history, winning three Oscars, four Emmys, four Grammys, a Tony, a Pulitzer, and three Golden Globes. Mr. Hamlisch passed away Monday at the age of 68.

Old School: Henry Mancini

Moon River – Henry Mancini & His Orchestra (1961)

Henry Mancini

Genre: Film & television scores (Big band, classical & traditional pop)
Origin: Cleveland > Ohio > US
Career: 1946–1994
Tidbit: Born Enrico Mancini, Henry attended Juilliard School of Music before being drafted to serve in World War II. His work was recognized with 20 Grammy Awards and four Oscars.

What’s New & Hot in Music?… Dave Eggar

Browse & purchase this albumKingston Morning – Dave Eggar (US release: 10 Aug 2010)
Released earlier this week, Dave Eggar’s new album Kingston Morning is an interesting fusion of reggae and Appalachian music. And that may be too limited of a description. You have to hear it for yourself. Enjoy!

Dave Eggar is an American cellist, pianist, and composer who’s recorded with the likes of The Who, Beyoncé, Coldplay, Dave Sanborn, Pearl Jam, Carly Simon, among others. He was a musical prodigy, having played the cello & piano at age 3 and making his Carnegie Hall debut at age 15. He’s also graduated from both Harvard & Juilliard. This album is his fourth solo studio album.

What’s New & Hot in Music?… David Garrett

Browse & purchase this albumRock Symphonies – David Garrett (US release: 20 Jul 2010)
Released earlier this week, David Garrett’s album Rock Symphonies is a fusion of classical music and titans of rock music, including U2, Nirvana, Guns ‘n Roses, Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney, among others. Violins never sounded so hot. Enjoy!

David Garrett is a German-American violin prodigy who attended Juilliard and was mentored by Itzhak Perlman. Now 28, he’s been performing since age 4 and releasing albums since age 13. He holds the Guinness World Record for fastest violinist. His best-known foray into pop music was last year’s interpretation of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal.