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Whatever Happened To… Humble Pie?

Browse & purchase this album30 Days in the Hole – Humble Pie (1972)
This British band, founded by Steve Marriott, reached their commercial peak with this album, but continued to be very prolific up until their split in 1975. Marriott went on to release a solo effort before reforming his previous band, The Small Faces. But that reunion only last until 1978, and Marriott revived Humble Pie the following year with original drummer Jerry Shirley, plus three other new members. This line-up released two albums before calling it quits in 1981; however Marriott toured with a completely new line-up which billed themselves as Humble Pie, which lasted until 1983. Shirley, who helped launch heavy metal band Fastway in the early 80’s, launched another incarnation of Humble Pie in 1988, which toured throughout the 90’s but didn’t release any new material before calling it quits in 2000. Meanwhile, Marriott died in a house fire in 1991. Not to be called a quitter, Shirley launched yet another incarnation of Humble Pie in 2001, which saw them release their latest album in 2002. Were you taking notes? …You *will* be tested. ;-)