About Ritter

Who’s Ritter?

I’m a regular guy who loves all things musical. By day, I work in IT and software. When I’m not working, I’m listening to music, reading about music, going to concerts, and being otherwise obsessed about music. My mission with this site is simply to share that love of music with others without some record label, promoter, or artist telling me what (or who) to write about.

To be clear, I’m NOT a recording artist or record company, nor do I work for or with any labels, promoters, artists, or anyone else in the music biz. (That’s the independent part.)

It’s just me, my love of music, and my ability and willingness to share. I hope you bring the same.

Why Records?

First, I like alliteration. :-) However, I cannot roll my R’s. :-(

Second, records (the word) has a couple different relevant definitions here:

[v. tr.rɪˈkɔrdz – sets down in writing or the like, as for the purpose of preserving evidence. For example:

She records her thoughts, feelings, and dreams in her diary.

[n.] rek’erdz – somethings on which sound has been recorded for subsequent reproduction, as grooved disks that are played on a phonograph for recording sound. For example:

David Gray released two new records last year.

10 responses to “About Ritter

  1. So glad you’re enjoying Mark Wilkinson’s latest acoustic release! He’ll be back in the U.S. on tour in Sept/Oct – shoot me an email and I’ll send you local info ASAP and some new music!

  2. Congratulations, I have nominated your blog for The Sunshine Award! Music makes me smile and so does your blog :)

  3. Hey Ritter! We are Flagship Romance, an independent folk/pop duo out of Jacksonville Beach, FL. Today, we are releasing our brand-new music video for our next single, “Hit the Ground.” We would be honored if you’d be interested in posting it under the “Whats New and Hot” column of your blog. Let us know and we’ll leave the link here for you! =) Thanks! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  4. Hey fellow Ritter. You should listen to and write about my music, and use the fact that I am a Ritter as your motivation to doing so…and also because the music is on point as well. http://www.elevemusic.org. SPREAD THE WORD.

  5. Hey! Would you be available to do a write up of our band? Our website is http://www.theidiomatics.com and our CD release date is 6/29/12.

  6. Love your passion for music, I feel the same way. Check out my site http://alternativeworldspin.wordpress.com/

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