About this blog

Thanks for joining our community. Please read below to get to know what we’re about and how we all expect you to behave.

First off, we’re not here to cure cancer, perform nuclear fission, or solve the global financial crisis. As it states above, this site is intended to help us connect to music, those who make music, and those who enjoy music. Sure, it may sound simple and trite. It is.

Secondly, in order to foster a welcoming and respectful community, I have a couple simple rules of behavior everyone should abide by while on this site:

  1. Act in accordance with The Golden Rule. That is, treat others as you wish to be treated.
  2. No flaming, attacking other members, or sensationalizing allowed. If you disagree with someone else’s opinion, that’s life. Please don’t take your anger, your bad day, or your need to be right out on the rest of us. Focus on the topic at hand, not on the person.

That’s it. I hope the comment sections are self-policing, but if community members can’t abide by the above rules, I’ll redact or take down any offending comment as I see fit.  I want the discussion to be free-flowing and will always err on the side of inclusion. I hope this community becomes a diverse group, each of us hailing from different backgrounds; as such, some folks may use vernacular exclusive to their particular background that others may find offensive or objectionable. With that in mind, please use discretion and be respectful.


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